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Friday, December 22, 2017

Is a Low-FODMAP Diet Best for Digestive Disorders? - Kresser Institute

Digestive disorders are complex, multifactorial conditions. However, I've seen many patients achieve complete resolution with the proper diet, lifestyle, and supplemental support. Here's a quick summary of my recommendations:

    Start patients with a 30-day Paleo reset. Many patients have digestive disorders that resolve simply from removing inflammatory foods from their diet.
    Try a low-FODMAP diet for 30 days. This can provide significant symptom relief and may reduce proliferation of bacteria in the small intestine.
    After 30 to 60 days, reintroduce FODMAPs by category. Staying on a low-FODMAP diet long term can negatively impact beneficial microbes that rely on fermentable carbohydrates.
    Test and treat SIBO. Most patients find that their symptoms are only managed by a low-FODMAP diet; they do not disappear completely. Addressing SIBO using antimicrobials should improve FODMAP intolerance over time in those with digestive abnormalities. Be sure that the patient is not on a low-FODMAP diet during SIBO treatment though!


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