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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Fending off toxic mold syndrome | Fox News

Preventing mold in your home is a good way to fend off serious health problems. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the key to that prevention is controlling moisture. Where you find mold, there is a water problem——and you'll need to address both to put an end to the issue.

Let's look at a few tips by the EPA for avoiding mold:

    Check problem areas repeatedly to ensure that mold has not resurfaced.
    Address water leaks/moisture problems immediately.
    Clean and repair roof gutters on a regular basis.
    Keep indoor humidity below 50 percent.
    Vent heat-producing appliances to the outdoors (stoves, dryers, kerosene heaters).
    Run your air conditioner or use a de-humidifier to keep humidity low.
    Insulate water pipes.
    Run exhausts during showering, cooking, handwashing dishes, or using the dishwasher. You can also open a window to air out the area.

Mold can have a big effect on your health, causing annoying respiratory symptoms or possibly contributing to other serious diseases. You should know that not all mold will cause problems and reactions to it may vary from person to person.


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