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Monday, June 12, 2017

Pet Fooled

Pet Fooled tells the story that many of us are familiar with – the madness of pet food ignored by/endorsed by regulatory authorities…but it is so shocking to see in one sitting. I’ve previewed the film multiple times over the years of its making, and each time – through all progressive steps of the film, I can’t stop watching it. It draws me in, even though I know the subject matter very well. Producer Kohl Harrington did a fabulous job.

Featured in the film are veterinarians Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Barbara Royal. And I’m excited to say…I’m in the film too! Pet Fooled includes an interview of Dr. Dan McChesney of FDA too. Followers of this site might remember the name Dr. Dan McChesney. Dr. McChesney is the FDA representative that openly stated (in a March 2016 meeting with TAPF) the FDA will continue to allow diseased or dead/non-slaughtered animals in pet food (even though federal law prohibits it). Now you’ll be able to put a face to the name.



**now on Netflix**

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