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Monday, March 20, 2017

Chronic Bile Reflux

The most common forms of treatments for bile reflux gastritis are with medications such as ursodeoxycholic acid or proton pump inhibitors, as well as with surgery in the most severe of cases.

However, there are also natural treatments that are finally beginning to be used in the United States.

All of these natural treatments will involve herbs, and there are four that can be very effective; chamomile, licorice, slippery elm, as well as marshmallow.

Chamomile has long been associated with helping with most all types of sleeping problems, but it also has one other very important quality; it helps to fight inflammation.

It is a very strong anti-inflammatory agent and has been used for hundreds of years in Europe to fight the inflammation that is caused by this condition.

By far and away the most effective way to use this natural treatment is with a Chamomile tea as it can slow inflammation very quickly and has virtually no side effects.

The herb licorice is next of the list of natural treatments for chronic bile reflux, and this has been used to not only treat acid reflux disease, but also to treat gastritis.

It has also been used for ulcers and several other digestive problems for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Slippery elm approaches chronic bile reflux in a different manner as it is very effective at building up your mucous linings to their full strength.

This is critical with this condition simply because they can very easily become weakened by the repeated attacks.

However if you can maintain the strength of these critical linings, you can reduce the intensity of the symptoms. 

The most effective method of taking this herb is in a powder form mixed with water as soon as you have eaten.

The final herb that can help is marshmallow.

It has also been used for hundreds of years to treat GERD as it can also have a huge impact on the symptoms because of its anti-inflammatory attributes. 


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