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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Primary Care ... from eyes of Jamie Katuna, med student

Jamie Katuna:: Here’s the thing: I think the majority of information around healthcare and medicine is dry and boring. It can be difficult to decipher, making it inaccessible to a large portion of the population. But, there are creative geniuses within the healthcare system in need of a outlet; and there is an audience outside the healthcare system ready to engage. I want to produce and share creative messages regarding medicine. Promote accessibility. Promote progressiveness. Take a subject so often approached with calculated thought and turn it into something beautiful, something meaningful, something amazing. The next healthcare revolution will be dependent on people working together – and working together can only be a result of successful communication. Creativity is something that encourages thoughtful and accessible communication. Portraying medical concepts in a creative way will be a crucial asset to the future of medicine.

Keep in mind: Physician live 20 years LESS than the average American. We simply don't take care of our own health appropriately.

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