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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Are Vegetable and Seed Oils Bad For Your Health? A Critical Look

The consumption of processed seed and vegetable oils has increased dramatically in the past century.

Commonly mistaken as health foods, quite a few studies show that these oils can cause harm.

What Are They and How Are They Made?

These are oils that are extracted from seeds like Soybean, Cottonseed, Sunflower and a few others.

They were never available to humans until the 20th century, because we simply didn’t have the technology to extract them.

The way these oils are manufactured is very disgusting (see video) and it is mind-baffling that someone ever thought they would be suitable for human consumption.

It involves a harsh extraction process that includes bleaching, deodorizing and the highly toxic solvent hexane.

These oils have made their way to all sorts of processed foods, including “healthy” salad dressings, butter replicates, mayonnaise, cookies and more.

Bottom Line: The processing method for industrial seed- and vegetable oils involves factories, many machines and chemicals like hexane.


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