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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Steve Pieczenik

Pieczenik was born in Cuba of Jewish parents from Russia and Poland and was raised in France.[2] His father, a doctor from Dombrovicz who studied and worked in Toulouse, France,[3] fled Poland before World War II. His mother, a Russian Jew from Bialystok, Poland,[3] fled Europe after many of her family members were killed. The couple met in Portugal, where both had fled ahead of the Nazi invaders.[3] Pieczenik was born in Cuba in 1943.[3][4] After living in Toulouse for six years, Pieczenik's family migrated to the United States, where they settled in the Harlem area[3] of New York City, New York.[5] Steve Pieczenik was eight years old when his parents received their entry visa to the US.[3]

Pieczenik is a classical pianist and wrote a full-length musical at the age of eight.[4]

Pieczenik is a Harvard University-trained psychiatrist and has a doctorate in international relations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).[3]

Pieczenik's autobiography notes that he attended Booker T. Washington High School in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. Pieczenik received a full scholarship to Cornell University at the age of 16.[3] According to Pieczenik, he received a BA degree in Pre-Medicine and Psychology from Cornell in 1964, and later attended Cornell University Medical College. He attained his PhD in international relations from MIT while studying at Harvard Medical School.[4] Pieczenik claims to be the first psychiatrist ever to receive a PhD focusing on international relations.[5]

While doing his psychiatric residency at Harvard, he was awarded the Harry E. Solomon award for his paper entitled: "The hierarchy of ego-defense mechanisms in foreign policy decision making".[3]

An article written by Pieczenik, "Psychological dimensions of international dependency", appears in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol 132(4), Apr 1975, 428-431.[6]


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