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Monday, October 31, 2016

Why this physician stopped prescribing birth control

The sexual revolution, though it touted the mantra of women's liberation, sold us a lie in the form of a tiny pill. It promised women the experience of sex completely unburdened from its natural consequences. The falsehood of this claim has been demonstrated over and again by the epic dilemma of the many unplanned pregnancies which occur even while using birth control. What the revolution did establish was the belief that the responsibility for an unplanned pregnancy can be fully placed on a woman. A baby is no longer the result of sex but is due to her failure to use birth control correctly, nature be damned.

As it turns out the burden of fertility and the limits it required on a woman's sexual expression protected her from exploitation. The contraceptive age has allowed women to experience a new kind of sexual freedom, but this freedom has come at a price. Sex liberated from any links to fertility, quickly normalized the female body as a sex object. Without the constraints of a pregnancy, men were given free access to women's bodies as never before, and the industries of pornography and sex trafficking have exploded.

And despite all the new freedoms that women have been granted, there is no evidence to demonstrate that they are any more content with their sex lives or happier in general than in the past. Those who forgo sex until it can be had in a setting of intimacy and security that satisfies them are treated as if suffering from pathological sexual repression. While our teens are feeling pressure to have sex and experiencing sexual violence at ever diminishing ages.

The gains in sexual freedoms that contraceptives have allowed will never outweigh the damage done to womanhood, now divided and objectified.


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