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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Massive heavy metals poisoning problem in the dietary supplements industry

Why U.S. supplements are the most toxic in the civilized world
Because poisoning people with toxic supplements is legal in America -- high heavy metals are outlawed in Canada, the EU, Japan and most other civilized nations -- there are quite a few companies in the industry that routinely sell heavily contaminated products to U.S. consumers. (Some are even certified organic.)

In fact, one rather disturbing trend I've noticed is that products which are too toxic to sell overseas are "dumped" in the USA where there are no restrictions on heavy metals. In other words, when a raw material is too toxic to be legally sold for human consumption in the EU, it's bought up by U.S. manufacturers who legally sell contaminated products to the U.S. market.

While the FDA has recently sought to shut down a few contaminated products -- such as lead-contaminated turmeric -- for the most part, both the FDA and the supplements industry remain in total denial about the heavy metals problem. Everybody pretends in simply doesn't exist, and until I achieved ISO 17025 accreditation for my laboratory, the industry's response to my own scientific analysis was often something like, "He doesn't really have a lab, he's making this up, there's no lead in our product..." and so on.

Instead of cleaning up their products, in other words, they were far more interested in destroying the messenger and trying to sweep their heavy metals problems under the rug. But now, they're facing a huge problem: Public transparency. Thanks to Natural News and my independent laboratory, product manufacturers can no longer hide behind a veil of lies and deceptions. Now, the truth about the real composition of foods, supplements and natural health products cannot be withheld from the public.

The dietary supplements industry has a heavy metals problem
At this point, it can no longer be denied: The dietary supplements industry has a heavy metals problem. And yes, the industry is in denial about this problem. Right now, there are millions of health conscious consumers who are buying contaminated products that will contribute to kidney damage, liver damage and brain damage. Many of these products are labeled "organic" or even "better than organic." (For the record, I am 100% pro organic, and I strongly recommend buying organic over everything else. But you should know that organic doesn't cover heavy metals, which is why organic products can still be contaminated with lead, mercury, cadmium and so on. In other words, "organic" isn't enough! It's got to be organic plus heavy metals tested...)

Sadly, consumers around the world are being hoodwinked and poisoned by contaminated health products sold almost everywhere. Many such consumers suffer horrendous side effects as a result of consuming contaminated products, and retailers like Amazon.com and even Whole Foods seem to be more than happy to keep selling toxic products regardless of their heavy metals composition.


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