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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Deadly strep infection in infants could be prevented with breast milk sugars - Medical News Today

Around 1 in 4 expectant mothers carry GBS bacteria in their gastrointestinal tract or vagina. As such, early-onset infection in newborns most commonly occurs as a result of GBS bacteria being passed from mother to child during delivery.

Late-onset GBS infection - infection that occurs between the age of 1 week and 3 months - can arise as a result of the bacteria being passed from the mother, but it is more likely the infant has contracted the infection from elsewhere.

Now, researchers from Imperial College London in the United Kingdom have found that lacto-n-difucohexaose I - a type of naturally occurring sugar believed to be present in the breast milk of around half of women worldwide - could prevent babies from becoming infected with GBS.


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