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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Combining These Two Polyphenols Inhibits Tumors By 60 Percent

The review highlighted two recent Dr Rath studies which showed a mixture of green tea extract EGCG plus quercetin (EPQ), which also includes vitamin C, l-lysine, l-proline, l-arginine, N-acetyl cysteine, selenium, copper and manganese, was effective in suppressing ovarian cancer growth in mice.

In the first study, dietary intake of EPQ inhibited the weight and burden of tumours by 59.2% and 59.7% respectively.

In the second study, they wrote: "All control mice developed large ovarian tumours, whereas five out of six mice in the EPQ group developed no tumours, and one, only a small tumour. EPQ suppressed tumour growth by 87%."


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