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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Zika treatable with existing drugs, says breakthrough study - Medical News Today

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The team screened 6,000 compounds that were either already approved by the FDA or were undergoing clinical trials. In either case, the route to finding a successful candidate for Zika treatments would be considerably shorter than developing a new drug from scratch.

The two classes of compounds they identified are capable of protecting brain cells from cell death induced by Zika virus activity.

One class of compounds is antiviral in nature and stops the virus multiplying.

The other class of compounds is neuroprotective in nature and stops the virus carrying out cell-damaging "caspase-3 activity" in human cortical neural progenitors - precursors to brain cells in fetal development.

When they tested combination treatments using one compound from each category - antiviral and neuroprotective - the researchers found they increased protection of precursor cells from cell death induced by the Zika virus.

The researchers are continuing to work on the compounds and hope to start testing them on animal models of Zika infection soon.


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