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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Modern-Day Zinc Deficiency Epidemic

Posted March 18, 2013: by Bill Sardi

It is startling to find in the 21st century that an estimated 2 billion people on the planet are zinc deficient.

The fact foods (cereals, flour) are fortified with zinc but only a few studies report positive impacts of zinc fortification on blood serum levels of zinc, suggests the primary problem is absorption. This is likely due to zinc binders in some foods and impaired absorption due to declining levels of stomach acid with advancing age.

The sad part of this widespread zinc deficiency is it appears modern medicine doesn’t care about deficiencies of essential nutrients.  Most physicians are mistakenly taught the diet provides sufficient nutrition.  Modern medicine is in the business of addressing every malady as if it is a drug rather than a nutrient deficiency.  So the plague of zinc malnutrition runs unabated in the population.  Why fix it? All the diseases emanating from zinc deficiency fill doctors’ offices daily. Zinc deficiency is good for business.

Patients with a frank zinc deficiency are likely to be treated with drugs for a host of mental, heart, immune, and other health issues when a simple zinc pill could remedy them all.

Zinc is such an essential nutrient required for maintenance of optimal health, DNA repair, enzyme activity, immune response and many other biological processes.


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