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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ancestral Health Symposium 2016

The Ancestral Health Symposium
AHS16—Boulder, August 11-13, 2016

•  60+ speakers on diet, hormones, health, fitness and more!
•  3 full days of education
•  Enjoy food, culture and outdoor fun in Boulder, CO

View the full program and speaker lineup here!

About: AHS is a historic three-day event created to foster collaboration among scientists, health professionals, and laypersons who study health from an evolutionary perspective to develop solutions to our health challenges.

AHS16 - Georgia Ede - Histamine Intolerance

AHS16 - Chris Kresser - The Adrenal Fatigue Myth

AHS16 - Tim Gerstmar - Obesogens and Endocrine

AHS16 - Ian Spreadbury - Refined Foods

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