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Saturday, July 16, 2016

How to Really Disrupt American Healthcare

12 Key Disruptors

Here are Klasko and colleagues' 12 key disruptors (paraphrased a bit):

    View healthcare as a team sport; it must be user-friendly and deliver value.

    No more payment for volume; incentivize optimal health outcomes economically.

    Provide the right solution for the right patient at the right time, via coordination of care across patient condition, services, and time.

    Educate physicians of the future to be empathetic, communicative, and creative—more than just science grade point average (GPA), multiple-choice test score automatons.

    Surgeons performing procedures must objectively prove appropriate competence and confidence.

    Replace the "Blockbuster" model of "come to my hospital when you are sick" with the "Netflix" model of delivering care where the consumer is; no new unneeded hospital beds.

    Generate credible, understandable medical bills that state what was done and what the patient owes, no matter who is paying the bill.

    Eliminate the term "alternative healthcare" for modalities of treatment that are more effective than traditional American medicine when used in other countries.

    Replace walls of noninteroperability among research institutions with interactive supersites for innovative clinical research.

    Develop an electronic health record system that is interoperable with vendor-driven patient-centric apps for health information and is at least as integrated as shopping information on Amazon.

    Use systems thinking to create a healthcare model that actually makes patients and communities healthier, thereby breaking the stranglehold of narrow thinking via the triangle of access, cost, and quality.

    Eliminate all healthcare disparities.

Did you get all that? Plenty disruptive.


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