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Monday, May 2, 2016

Thinking about pregnancy? Which is worse, Mercury or PCBs?

Question: How many months does it take to clear 99% of the mercury and other industrial toxins from one's body and how might our fat stores play a role in holding on to fat-soluble pollutants?

Answer: It takes 1 year to detoxify from mercury from mercury in preparation for pregnancy, but 120 years to detoxify from PCBs in preparation for pregnancy.


Question: Based on the half-life of industrial pollutants children may be exposed to in the womb or at the breast, how many years does it take for them to detoxify their bodies (assuming they're brought up on a healthy diet)?

Answer: Breast milk is by far better for children than any other formula. However, it takes children 30-40 years to detoxify from the PCBs given to them in mother's breast milk.


Remarkably, breast feeding is a woman's quickest way to detoxify herself from persistent pollutants like PCBs.

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