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Monday, February 15, 2016

Ulcer Symptoms, Diet and Natural Remedies - Dr. Axe

The Ulcer Diet

Here are the top foods to consume as part of an ulcer diet for fast relief:

Small meals – Eat several meals per day to reduce the burden on the digestive system and relieve ulcer symptoms.
High fiber foods – An increase in fiber can repair ulcers, aim for 30 grams per day.
Green leafy vegetables – These vegetables provide Vitamin K that can help repair damage caused by too much stomach acid.
Cabbage juice – Has been shown to heal ulcers, can be diluted with some carrot juice for additional benefits. Check out this GI healing juice.
Fermented foods. Good bacteria in the gut can help prevent H. pylori infection.  Add kimchi, kefir, or unsweetened yogurt to your diet.

Ulcer Foods to Avoid

Spicy foods – Can irritate ulcers.
Caffeine – Coffee and certain teas can make ulcers worse.
Alcohol – May actually trigger ulcers.
Any potential allergen – Food allergies can cause ulcers or make them worse.
Sugar – Can feed bad bacteria and make ulcers worse.

Top 5 Natural Ulcer Remedies

#1 Licorice root (500 mg before meals)
Can help stimulate regeneration of mucus membranes in the stomach and may help inhibit H. pylori.

#2 Aloe vera (1/4 cup 3x daily)
Helps heal the intestinal lining.

#3 Probiotics (15 billion live organisms 2x daily)
Helps recolonize the digestive tract with healthy bacteria and prevent infection.

#4 Chamomile (1 cup 4x daily)
Has a soothing effect on the nerves and can help heal ulcers.

#5 L-glutamine (2g 3x daily)
Can help protect and heal the digestive tract.


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