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Thursday, February 4, 2016


About PharmacyChecker.com

PharmacyChecker.com LLC ("PC") collects, evaluates, and reports credentials, prices, and customer feedback regarding pharmacies that operate online and through mail-order and fax (generally referred to as "online pharmacies". It is the leading independent source of information about online pharmacies. PC helps consumers continually find the lowest priced products from the most qualified and reputable online pharmacies. PC also provides customized reports and services as market intelligence about the online pharmacy industry. PC publishes pharmacy ratings, profiles, and drug price comparisons online at www.pharmacychecker.com.

To learn the details about our programs, products and services click here.

Tod Cooperman, M.D., President
Dr. Tod Cooperman is a noted researcher, writer, and speaker on consumer healthcare issues. In addition to founding PharmacyChecker.com, Dr. Cooperman founded ConsumerLab.com (www.consumerlab.com), the leading independent evaluator of dietary supplements (vitamin, mineral, herbal, and non-herbal) and nutrition products. Dr. Cooperman also founded CareData Reports, Inc., an evaluator of consumer satisfaction with managed care (now a division of J.D. Power and Associates). Dr. Cooperman is a graduate of the Boston University School of Medicine and received his B.A. in medical science and economics from Boston University.

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