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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mixed Opioid Agent Adds to Growing List of Therapies for IBS-D

Rifaximin (Xifaxan, Salix Pharmaceuticals) was also recently approved for IBS with diarrhea, and an interesting medical food, a slow-release peppermint oil formulation (IBgard, IM HealthScience), appears to significantly reduce severe abdominal symptoms of IBS with diarrhea as well as abdominal pain, according to news reports from Digestive Disease Week in 2015.

In addition, reports of a serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin (EnteraGam, Entera Health, Inc, among others) have also been given a "fair amount of traction" as a possible alternative treatment for IBS with diarrhea, Dr Johnson noted.

"Suddenly we have all these potential alternatives for [IBS with predominant diarrhea], plus the reporting requirements for alosetron have now been relaxed, so we have more opportunities for the treatment of our patients," he said.

"What the FDA will now do is look at what the best dose of eluxadoline might be, and we'll see if the pancreatitis issues that came up in these new studies raise a red flag because even though we are talking about very small numbers of patients, pancreatitis is a clinically significant event, and it could be that other drugs at least at this point in time have better safety profile," Dr Johnson concluded.


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