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Friday, January 22, 2016

Duke Integrative Medicine Center

Integrative medicine avoids the false dichotomy between conventional and complementary medicine. New therapies are selected on the basis of their scientifically proven safety and effectiveness, regardless of their origin. The result is an array of services intended to tackle the complex dynamics contributing to your health. Often, the physical state is symptomatic of mental, emotional, social, spiritual, or environmental factors that only a comprehensive, personalized health plan can resolve.

At the core of integrative medicine is the concept of the partnership between patient and healthcare practitioner. With a preference for the least invasive and most natural therapies, the full range of the healing sciences is brought to bear on strengthening your innate healing response by physicians and providers trained in both conventional and integrative medicine. When you have recovered your health and vitality, we will help you maintain your wellness and prevent the onset or recurrence of disease.

At Duke Integrative Medicine, we operate our practice at the highest possible standards of excellence in a world-class facility — Duke University’s Center for Living Campus. Nestled in the woodlands of Duke Forest, and surrounded by serene meditation gardens, we offer quiet, soothing, contemplative spaces designed to calm and focus your senses and rejuvenate your spirit. Find your answers in our library under a cathedral ceiling, surrounded by walls of glass and views of nature, or visit with like-minded souls in our Integrative CafĂ©. Every feature of the environment is designed to nourish the wellness within.


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