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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Deliciously Ella - Great Recipes

Hello and welcome to Deliciously Ella! I’ve been writing this blog for just over two years now and love it more than I can possibly say; I hope you’ll love it too.

I started the blog as a way of dealing with a relatively rare illness, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, which I was diagnosed with in September 2011. The illness had a pretty devastating effect on my life – I literally couldn’t walk down the street, I slept for 16 hours a day, had never ending heart palpitations, was in chronic pain, had unbearable stomach issues, constant headaches and the list goes on – it was anything but fun! I tried healing through conventional medicine for about six months but it had little effect on my symptoms and I was still bed-ridden 95% of the time. So I decided it was time for something new and began researching holistic, natural healing approaches, which is how I started eating like this. Overnight I took up a whole foods, plant-based diet and gave up all meat, dairy, sugar, gluten, anything processed and all chemicals and additives, which was a pretty drastic change. I literally never ate fruit or vegetables before, my diet instead revolved around Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Chocolate, peanut butter and jelly eaten with a spoon, pick-n-mix and lots of cereal and pasta – I was a sugar monster! So everything you see here is part of my learning and healing process, I’m not a trained chef by any means – everything is self-taught and the result of lots of failed experiments! I also totally understand how daunting the idea of changing your diet so radically is, but it’s single-handedly the best thing I have ever done. Knowing that I’m giving my body the love and health that it needs is an incredible feeling, and even better – everything tastes so incredible now! I’d take a batch of raw brownies over candy any day!

Eating this way has allowed me to take control of my illness, stopping the constant pain, restoring my energy and giving me my life back again. It really has healed me, and just eighteen months after starting this lifestyle I’ve been able to come off all my medication and I feel so incredible, better than ever really! I’d never have believed that I could come this far simply through diet; it is just incredible – better than any drug ever. I’ve learnt more on this health adventure than I could have possibly imagined too and I really want to share all of this information with you. It’s my way of turning something negative into something really positive. If I can spread health and happiness with anyone then this is a success!

More than anything I want the blog to show how easy and delicious healthy food is – it’s so much more than bland salads and iceberg lettuce! It’s all about sumptuous desserts, delicious dips, raw treats and rainbow bowls of incredible veggies, all made with nature’s most natural ingredients. Everything here will nurture and love your body, leaving you feeling incredible. This way of eating is absolutely not about deprivation and starvation but instead it’s about embracing a positive, healthy way of life! Take a look at my food philosophy for more on all the awesome benefits of this lifestyle.

I graduated from St Andrews with a Masters in Art History in May 2013 and I’m back home in London working on a lot of awesome projects! I released my best-selling app last year, which I’m always working on (it’s available on the iTunes store and the Google Play store), I published my best-selling cookbook ‘Deliciously Ella’ and I’ve also just finished writing my second book ‘Deliciously Ella Every Day’ which will be published January 2016. I also teach cooking classes, host supper and brunch clubs and I’m training as a naturopathic nutritionist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, so as this blog grows so will my knowledge of health!


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