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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Doctors will design diets based on individuals’ genes: study

Doctors and dieticians will be able to design diets based on individuals' genes within next five years, according to a new study by University of Texas (UT) researchers.

The researchers, however, said better analytical tools will require to be developed in the coming years to quickly understand the relationship between an individual's genetics, behavior and weight-related diseases.

They explained that the potential that many genes involved with weight gain, weight loss, and regain weight and they pose a challenge. Researchers have found the gene that causes energy from food and store it as fat, variations in the gene and they way it interacts with other genes can differ from one person to other.

Dr. Molly Bray, a professor of nutritional sciences at UT Austin, said, "When people hear that genes may be playing a role in their weight loss success, they don't say, 'Oh great, I just won't exercise any more' … They actually say 'Oh thank you. Finally someone acknowledges that it's harder work for me than it is for others."

Dr. Bray said gains in collection of data on weight loss and weight gain, and better sensors to monitor diet, activity and stress, would help. When blended with genomic data with the help of a computer algorithm, Dr. Bray believes that the development of analysis tools is not far off.

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