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Thursday, December 24, 2015

6 Metabolism Death Foods - Dr. Axe

There is nothing worse than starting an exercise program to burn fat, making some good diet changes, but still not seeing the results you want to see. Has that ever been you? It can be really frustrating.
The reason this happens is, even though you think you're consuming a healthy diet, there is often some hidden food in your diet that is ruining your weight loss efforts.

The foods that keep you from losing the last 10 pounds and keep you stuck at a plateau are what I call the metabolism death foods! The term may sound scary, and it can be.  Your body recognizes these foods as toxins and puts your body into a fight-or-flight response.

These foods alter the focus of your metabolism and can cause:
  •     Weight gain
  •     Thyroid dysfunction
  •     Fatigue
  •     Hormone imbalance
  •     Digestive disease

And the craziest thing about these foods is that they are often labeled as "health foods".

Here are the 6 metabolism death foods you need to switch out of your diet to take your metabolism and fat burning potential to the next level!

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