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Friday, September 18, 2015

Physicians Recast Primary Care, Payers Follow

The protocols are evidenced-based, but since traditional health coverage is not a revenue stream, it is also not a barrier. And physicians employ whatever they need to do for a patient. For example, Damania says his practice gives patients $8 pedometers to start them walking. Fernandopulle once bought a $45 iPod shuffle from eBay for a patient who would leave in the middle of dialysis because of anxiety. The iPod was loaded with the patient's favorite music. The result?
"In six months, zero ER admissions; [the patient] sat through dialysis every time," says Fernandopulle. "This is a $45 iPod that solved $200,000 of healthcare costs. Why does no one else do it? There's no CPT code for 'Buy iPod on eBay,' there's no CPT code for 'Spend an hour to download music on said iPod.' But in our practice, it doesn't matter. It's the right thing to do for that patient. We do it for the patient."


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