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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Clinicians Play Catch-Up With the Genome Revolution

A number of companies are providing tools to help clinicians get a handle on genomics by filtering out the noise and focusing on SNPs with the most clinical relevance. These include:

  • Integrated Genetic Solutions: A software system that cross-tabulates genetic information with a large number of biomarkers, features from patient history, and conventional blood work, enabling physicians to customize nutritional, pharmaceutical, and exercise regimens.
  • Pure Genomics: Developed and promoted by Pure Encapsulations, this analytic toolset is centered on the 8 most clinically relevant SNPs associated with methylation. Clinicians load patients' 23andMe data into the system to obtain guided nutritional recommendations.
  • GeneSight: A lab focused on assessment of responsiveness to psychotropic, analgesic, and attention-related medications. GeneSight also provides info on MTHFR function, and can be used to predict potential for adverse effects from various common drugs.

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