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Sunday, September 6, 2015

10 L-Glutamine Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage - Dr. Axe

10 Proven L-Glutamine Benefits

New research is now showing L-glutamine benefits the body in the following ways:

  •     Improves gastrointestinal health because it is a vital nutrient for the intestines to rebuild and repair
  •     Helps heal ulcers and leaky gut by acting as a band-aid for protection from further damage
  •     Is an essential neurotransmitter in the brain and helps with memory, focus and concentration
  •     L-glutamine improves IBS and diarrhea by balancing mucus production which results in healthy bowel movements
  •     Promotes muscle growth and decreases muscle wasting
  •     Improves athletic performance and recovery from endurance exercise
  •     Improves metabolism and cellular detoxification
  •     Curbs cravings for sugar and alcohol
  •     Fights cancer
  •     Improves diabetes and blood sugar


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