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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Natural pools without chlorine coming to America

The nation's first all-natural, chlorine-free public swimming pool filtered by rocks, plants and other natural features recently opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, home to America's number-one parks and recreation system, as rated by the Trust for Public Land for the third year in a row.

Following the lead of Europe, which currently brags some 20,000 natural pools, the Webber Natural Swimming Pool, located at 4330 Webber Parkway in Minneapolis, sets a new standard for chemical-free wading, diving and lap swimming that those behind its development hope will spread to other towns and cities across the U.S.

Popular in countries such as Austria and Germany since the 1980s, natural swimming pools take advantage of various rock and plant media that naturally filter out harmful bacteria without the need for chlorine, bromine and the many other damaging chemicals commonly added to public swimming pools.

Excessive regulations throughout the U.S. have made it difficult for parks and recreation departments to utilize this natural cleansing method in public swimming pools – until now. Thanks to the forward-thinking minds behind Minneapolis' Webber Natural Swimming Pool, Americans now have the chance to experience what Europeans and others have experienced for decades – clean, chemical-free water.

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