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Sunday, August 23, 2015

'Clean food' is a dangerous fad » The Spectator

When an article is published without sufficient evidence and only "experts" telling you this or that, I would advise caution. This article seems to recognize an upsurge against a clean and real food diet. What evidence? Very little is offered. We should NOT ignore eating disorders however, which can be disguised within ultra-restrictive eating preferences.


It's not entirely clear why 'eating clean', by avoiding gluten and certain carbohydrates, would keep people healthy. As the British Dietetic Association puts it, carbohydrates are crucial; they represent the body's main energy supply and should make up half of each meal. They are not inherently fattening; any unneeded energy 'will be converted into fat no matter what the source'. Those low-carb diets? Research suggests they 'don't seem to help people lose weight and keep it off'. But the overwhelming message from the plethora of people urging us to eat cauliflower couscous and gluten-free loaves is a simple one: carbs are bad.

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