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Friday, May 1, 2015

Gaynor Wellness - Integrating Science and Healthy Living

The evolution of Gaynor Wellness began about 30 years ago during Dr. Gaynor’s research fellowship in hematology-oncology at Cornell Medical Center, Rockefeller University, and later as medical director of the Strang Cancer Prevention Center. In particular, the nutrient-gene research he worked on was illuminating: studying how nutrients can influence genes to stave off or promote disease, based on our diet.

The notion that nutrients could affect our health at the genetic level was not even on the scientific radar; in fact, nutrition was not emphasized in medical school or residency to the degree that pathology and pharmacology were. Sadly, this is still the case. Using food, or rather the nutrients they contain, to prevent or treat disease is not emphasized in medical school; what is taught is rudimentary and covers basic nutritional deficiencies and the diseases they are associated with.

During his research, Dr. Gaynor was astonished that the science of how nutrients affected gene expression was far ahead of what was currently being taught in medical schools and hospitals to physicians in training. At the Strang Cancer Prevention Center and Rockefeller University, Dr. Gaynor worked with some of the best physicians and scientists in the world in the fields of nutritional genomics (how nutrients affect gene expression), and toxicogenomics (how environmental toxins adversely affect gene expression). As Director of Medical Oncology and Associate Medical Director at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center, Dr. Gaynor developed a comprehensive integrative approach to cancer prevention as well as other chronic conditions, such as obesity, degenerative conditions associated with aging, and environmental toxicity, which has been linked to symptoms such as chronic fatigue. Dr. Gaynor’s integrative approach to cancer prevention and treatment, which started using his hematology-oncology training and nutritional research combines academically based medical evaluation and treatment with targeted nutritional medicine. Many of the same risk factors for cancer such as environmental toxicity, chronic inflammation, chronic infections, nutritional deficiencies, and metabolic dysfunction also contribute to aging, fatigue, insomnia, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, as well as neurologic and digestive disorders. Dr. Gaynor provides the same rigorous evaluation and treatment protocols that he has pioneered for the prevention and treatment of cancer to these conditions at Gaynor Wellness.

Upon completing his fellowship, it was natural that he went on to work at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center. Armed with extensive experience in oncology and knowledge of nutrient-gene interactions, Dr. Gaynor made the decision to dedicate his career toward bridging the gap between traditional medicine and advanced science. And working at the Strang Center made perfect sense because it applied conventional treatments (e.g. surgery and chemotherapy) and nutrition-based science to promote health and healing in cancer patients.

As Director of Medical Oncology at the Strang Center, Dr. Gaynor was committed to reducing the number of lives lost to cancer and to improving the quality of health among all Americans living with chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Dr. Gaynor has treated many patients using a comprehensive, tailored approach to medicine, which combines conventional treatments as well as targeted nutritional medicine. To help improve the health and lives of his patients, Dr. Gaynor has taken the best medical practices and developed Gaynor Wellness.

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