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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Super Juice Me

Click here for the full video for "Super Juice Me" provided by Dr. Mercola for a limited time.

Juicing is a great way of re-focusing your nutrition on real food. Juicing is NOT going out and buying orange juice or apple juice at the store and drinking this as a substitute for real food. Juicing provides a way to get access to all the beneficial vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that we are depriving ourselves with a life of processed foods. Foods from a natural and clean environment are incredible rich in nutrition and usually exceed any synthetic recreations of the real thing.


Juicing expert Jason Vale recruited eight people who collectively suffered from 22 different chronic diseases and put them on a juice-only diet for 28 days (plus exercise) in order to explore juicing's potential benefits for reversing chronic disease. And then he filmed their experience.

The documentary "Super Juice Me" chronicles Vale's 28-day "super-juicing" experiment. The health improvements seen by those eight are nothing short of astounding.

Every participant felt energized and lost weight, and most reported a drastic reduction in their symptoms—as well as in the number of medications they used. One man went from 52 prescription pills per day to two pills per day. Another had his diabetes completely resolve.

One woman went from years of chronic pain to being completely pain free, and others suffering from asthma, colitis, and sleep apnea enjoyed a profound reduction in symptoms.

It was not an easy journey as several experienced detoxification reactions, food cravings, and for some, a temporary increase in symptoms as their bodies began to purge toxins they'd been accumulating for years. But those reactions were relatively short-lived, and they felt immensely better on the other side—better than they'd felt in years.


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