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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rx: The Quiet Revolution

See the full video on the PBS website.

Keep in mind, these changes require novel payment structures that are currently not supported in many communities. It is not simply the physician making a choice for better care, but rather groups of physicians advocating for better care. This advocacy changes the payment and financial structure of medicine resulting in a system that makes more sense and simply works better.


"A staggering 50 percent of American adults suffer from a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and arthritis — and one in four has two or more chronic health conditions. In Rx: The Quiet Revolution, you’ll travel across America to discover a quiet revolution happening in medicine. From Maine to Mississippi, Alaska to California, see physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals placing the patient at the center of their practice — transforming the way medical care is delivered while lowering costs and improving outcomes."


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