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Friday, April 17, 2015

Dr. Oz - Attacked by Monsanto After Reporting on WHO Roundup Report

After reporting on the World Health Organization Roundup report declaring it as a probable carcinogen, Dr. Oz has sustained an unprecedented character assault.

See the Dr. Oz Show here:

Natural News reports on the details of this character assault and the people behind it:


CNN - Dr. Bob Arnot

Dr. Bob Arnot: ...the most interesting part of this is this letter. First of all, it's not from the Columbia faculty. It's from ten physicians, all of whom have industry ties. And if you look carefully at the letter, what it's really about is that the industry is furious that he has taken on genetically modified crops. So you basically have industry henchmen who are after Dr. Oz here. One of them in fact, head of the American Council on Science and Health, spent some time in federal prison for Medicaid fraud, so I'd be very careful about who has written this letter.

Host: So perhaps you're saying the initial media coverage of this story -- it really came up on Friday, became bigger here over the weekend -- is being misleading, because it's not addressing exactly who these physicians are.

Arnot: They do this kind of thing all the time; they're called "astroturf groups." That is, they appear to be grassroots groups representing real consumers, but in fact, they are the henchmen of industry here, and that's what you're looking at with this letter. The media often gets swept up by this, they say, "this is a great story," they get swept up by it, they report it, but they don't look at who wrote that letter.


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