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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chemicals found in Victoria’s Secret underwear may damage fertility

The Greenpeace investigation involved a search for toxic phthalates, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and carcinogenic amines typically found in some dyes used in fabric. Four of the garments tested were under the Victoria’s Secret label: two bras, a camisole and a pair of cotton underwear. The garments in question were produced in China and Sri Lanka.

All four garment types showed trace amounts of NPEs and unmeasurable levels of amine dyes. Worse, the study revealed an unacceptable concentration of dangerous phthalates in the underwear.

The chemicals found are all hazardous substances and their use can cause the release of cancer-causing amines. From that standpoint, the report states, any levels used in clothing should be considered unacceptable.

Phthalates are found in the chemical residue of plastisol, the rubbery plastic compound companies often use in clothing logos and graphics. These chemicals are known to impact the female reproductive system as well as negatively affect early childhood development.


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