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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NY Attorneys General Form Supplement Industry Coalition

Yes, we should hold the companies trying to sell garbage accountable for their fraud. But we need to be cautious to assume that government involvement always makes things safer, What is wrong with a consumer-led campaign to ensure quality and accuracy of supplements through third-party testing and assurance programs? Germany's Commission E has proven to be very helpful, but this can also turn into another pathway for big money to influence what is available on the market.



<<It appears that several attorneys are planning to launch a coalition to regulate the herbal supplement industry. This group states that consumers deserve to know that the products they are taking are safe and that labels properly inform of the ingredients.

As Attorney General George Jepsen describes, “Consumers are entitled to expect that the product they are purchasing actually contains the ingredients as listed on the label.”

AG Jepson goes on to describe Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s role in the 2013 study which found that more than half of the FDA Class I recalls between2012 and 2014 were for “dietary supplements.”

Jepson says, “The findings uncovered by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman raise serious public health and consumer protection concerns potentially impacting consumers in Connecticut and across the country. As attorneys general have shown time and time again in recent years, we have a strong and unique ability to work together on behalf of our respective constituencies on issues of national concern. I thank Attorney General Schneiderman for his leadership, and look forward to partnering with him and my fellow attorneys general on this coalition.”

Similarly, AG Schneiderman adds, “I am pleased to announce this historic partnership to protect the millions of people who buy herbal supplements from potentially false and misleading business practices. New Yorkers and consumers nationwide deserve confidence that when an herbal supplement is represented as authentic, pure, and natural, it really is. Clearly, the questions we raised about the herbal supplements sold in New York resonate outside of our borders. By joining together, and building on the long track record of state attorneys general upholding the rights of consumers, we can go further in investigating this industry and, as needed, in achieving reform. I look forward to collaborating with these partners on this vital work.”>>


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