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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Natural Ear Infection Remedies

Top Foods for Ear Infections

  • Water: Helps clear mucus.
  • Wild-caught fish: Omega-3 fats help reduce inflammation and improve allergies.
  • Non-dairy baby formula: If a baby drinks formula, switch to coconut or goat’s milk-based formulas which tend to cause fewer allergies.
  • Clean lean protein: Sufficient protein helps the immune system.  Aim for 3-4 ounces at minimum per meal. Shellfish can be problematic for some people; if so, avoid it.
  • Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C: Keeps immune system strong, which helps the body’s ability to ward off infection.

Foods to Avoid

  • Potential food allergens: Some common allergens include conventional dairy, gluten, shrimp and peanuts.
  • Conventional dairy: Pasteurized cows dairy products can be mucus-producing and worsen infection.
  • Sugar: Reduces immune functioning.
  • Processed foods: These foods may contain added chemicals and dyes that young children can be sensitive to.

Top 5 Ear Infection Remedies
#1 Garlic oil ear drops: (2 warm drops in ear daily)
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

#2 Zinc (10 mg 2x a day for those older than 2 years old)
Zinc boosts immune function and promotes healing.

#3 Vitamin C (1,000mg 3x a day for adults, 500 mg 2x daily for children 6-12 yoa)
Vitamin C enhances immune function and lowers inflammation.

#4 Echinacea (2 mL 4x daily for children)
Echinacea increases lymphatic drainage and stimulates immune function.

#5 Vitamin D3 (400 IU – 2000 IU daily ages 2-12)
Vitamin D3 helps support the immune system.


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