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Sunday, March 1, 2015

A few lessons from the past week

1. We live in Florida - where you would think that people sweat a great deal. Unfortunately, with the abundance of air conditioning, many of us can go for weeks if not months without having sweated. We have air-conditioned cars, air-conditioned houses, air-conditioned workplaces, and even air-conditioned gyms. Why is so important? Sweating is one of the important elimination pathways. We eliminate chemicals and toxins that we can't use or may be harmful through the sweat, urine, feces and even in our hair. In many places around the world, air conditioning is not so prevalent and sweating is part of the regular daily ritual. Many older patients - here in Florida - tell me that they never sweat anymore. In many of the same patients, there are rampant mood disorders and neuropathies that are associated with heavy metal excesses. So get out there and sweat!

2. I was in the grocery store this morning.When I looked around at what was in most of the shopping carts, I saw a mix of cereal, bagels, Powerade, Gatorade, bread, processed vegetable oil, and processed snack food. In fact, people were clustered around the table where bagels were on sale. Please help your neighbor realize that this type of food - when consumed as the principal nutrition - is wreaking havoc on their health and our economy. You can pay less now, but you will be sure to pay more later. We all will pay more with our escalating healthcare costs.

3. This week, several patients were seen that had been given antibiotic after antibiotic for sinus infections or bronchitis from urgent clinics, dermatology, GYN, or the ER. The organisms in these folks get more and more aggressive and recurrent - including nearly impossible to treat fungal sinus infections. The natural healthy bacterial colonization of their sinuses and respiratory tract has been decimated.  They have nothing to fight off any of the invasive bacteria and fungi.  The solution is not more antibiotics!  Stop asking for antibiotics and start 1. restoring the healthy protective bacteria and 2. making efforts to keep your immune system in check.


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