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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Medical Mystery: Woman Becomes Obese After Fecal Transplant - ABC News

The unnamed woman weighed 136 pounds -- but gained 34 pounds over the next 16 months -- going from a healthy body mass index to an obese one, according to a case study published in an Oxford Journal called Open Forum for Infectious Diseases.

"The patient actually said this: 'From the moment I had the fecal transplant, I felt like a switch flipped in my body,'" said. Dr. Colleen Kelly, a gastroenterology at the Warren Alpert School of Brown University. "She felt like prior to the fecal transplant, she had never had to worry about weight."

The woman, who never struggled with weight before the transplant, underwent the transplant in 2011 to cure C. difficile, a serious bacterial infection that can lead to diarrhea and potentially fatal inflammation of the colon, Kelly wrote in the case study she co-authored. The transplant donor was the patient's 16-year-old daughter, who was normal weight at the time but later weighed 170 pounds, according to the study.

Kelly said obesity is a complex problem, and many factors could have contributed to her patient's weight gain, including genetics and a return to normal health after being sick with C. difficile, which causes patients to lose weight because they are so sick.

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