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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to reduce risk and survive breast cancer

Food for Breast Cancer provides information on how various foods and other factors affect breast cancer risk, prevention and prognosis. The findings are drawn exclusively from scientific studies and updated as new research becomes available. Our goal is to provide breast cancer patients, survivors and those at high risk for breast cancer with information to help prevent and survive breast cancer.

In addition to web pages covering specific foods, we provide in-depth articles on what to eat for various types of breast cancer (e.g., HER2 overexpressing, ER+/PR+, triple negative, or lobular) and during treatment (e.g., with radiation, Taxol, or an aromatase inhibitor). To customize your diet using the Food for Breast Cancer website, see How to optimize your breast cancer diet.

We also provide extensive information on breast cancer risk factors, treatment and prognosis. For example, there are articles concerning the prognosis of triple negative, lobular, and HER2 positive breast cancer. In addition, there are news reports on the latest breast cancer reserach.


A good recent article on an unrelated site about Tumeric and how it helps fight breast cancer:

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