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Friday, January 9, 2015

The Skinny Gut Diet

This is a great book centered around fixing the imbalance between Firmicutes (fat promoting gut bacteria) and Bacteroidetes (normal weight promoting gut bacteria) which seems to represent a root cause of obesity. Yes, overeating and underactivity are other root causes, but cravings can be caused by over-reliance on antibiotics and poor quality food causing disturbances in the gut bacteria. I loved the book and will make a point of recommending this strategy to my patients that need help with restoration of a normal weight. I've mentioned to patients that I think this will be an important step in fixing obesity. The research referenced here, opened my eyes to the importance of gut bacteria and obesity.

3 part nutritional series on gut bacteria and obesity (and the importance of eating plants):

The Skinny Gut Diet
Brenda Wason CNC

"Nobody knows more about the Gut than Brenda Watson. She is one of my teachers. Her knowledge of how it works and how to eat will be transformative and reading The Skinny Gut Diet will be life changing."
--Suzanne Somers, New York Times bestselling author

"Author Brenda Watson has compiled an astoundingly comprehensive yet user-friendly guide to a promising health frontier: management of gut flora to achieve optimal health and weight. If you have been looking for a source for informed, insightful, real-world advice on participating in this explosive and exciting movement, Brenda's Skinny Gut Diet is destined to become the classic."
-- William Davis, MD, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Wheat Belly

"The Skinny Gut Diet opens the door to success not only in terms of weight loss, but more importantly, for giving the reader a user-friendly plan based on the most well-respected leading edge science that will clearly enhance your health and longevity."
-- David Perlmutter, MD, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Grain Brain

The secret to permanent weight loss revealed. The real reason diets fail has nothing to do with calories and everything to do with the balance of bacteria in your gut. A simple guide to show you how to finally achieve your ideal weight.

 The 100 trillion bacteria that live in your digestive tract—which make up 90 percent of the cells in your body—are the real reason you gain or lose weight. When those microbes are out of balance, chronic health conditions can occur, including irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, and obesity. By balancing the good and bad bacteria, you can finally achieve your ideal weight—for good.

         In The Skinny Gut Diet, New York Times bestselling author, public television icon, certified nutritional consultant, and digestive health expert Brenda Watson offers an insightful perspective on the little-known connection between weight gain and an underlying imbalance of bacteria in the gut, or what she calls the “gut factor”—the overlooked root cause of weight gain. Drawing upon the latest scientific research, Brenda illuminates the inner workings of the digestive system and provides instructions for achieving a healthy bacterial ecosystem that spurs weight loss by enabling the body to absorb fewer calories from food, experience reduced cravings, and store less fat. The premise is simple: curtail sugar consumption (and its surprising sources) and eat more healthy fats, living foods, and protein to balance the gut bacteria. The result? A skinny gut. 

         The Skinny Gut Diet centers around an easy-to-follow diet plan. A 14-day eating plan, dozens of delicious recipes and sage advice help you achieve—and maintain—digestive balance and sustained weight loss. With inspiring real-life stories of ten individuals who transformed their health on the Skinny Gut Diet, Brenda empowers you to become your own health advocate so that you can finally shed unwanted pounds and enjoy optimal health and vitality.

Remarkable correlation ...

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