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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Testing Your Water

Isn't it time to have the peace of mind that your water is free of the dangerous pesticides and herbicides common to urban runoff… PCBs… VOCs… heavy metals and minerals… trihalomethanes… and much more?

Your well water may not have been tested since you moved into your home or had the well dug – if then. Well water is either unregulated or under-regulated almost everywhere. Putting your trust in your well water without testing it is like playing Russian roulette with your health – especially considering the amount you need each day to sustain life.

But just because you're on a municipal water supply doesn't mean all is well… Surprises can and do happen… each year there are more than 200,000 violations to the Safe Drinking Water Act – involving over 20 percent of water treatment facilities.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) receives notification of more than 4,000 cases per year of illnesses that can be directly linked to drinking water. Bear in mind that when municipalities test, they're testing the water which leaves their facility -- not the water showing up at your kitchen sink.

Contaminated water is real – so the more you know about your water, the better you can protect your family.

Obviously, I can make no statement about how safe your municipal water supply or your well water is. If you want to ensure that your water supply is safe, my best recommendation is that you test it. That's true for BOTH well water and municipal water.

Because I think it's so prudent for you to know what your real water situation is – and have proof positive your filter is working hard to keep toxins out of your water – I offer these comprehensive tests to you at my cost. I do not make any money as a result of you using this valuable service.

But, knowing the facts is sure to give you tremendous peace of mind that your filter is working the way you expect and demand. I want you to know exactly how clean your water is -- and I firmly stand behind the superior quality of my Pure & Clear filters. So please – prove it to yourself today…


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