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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Is the can giving you high blood pressure?


"The study included 60 women and men over the age of 60 years. These people were given soy milk to drink from glass bottles or from a can on three different occasions. The study examined the blood pressure of all the participants after two hours of drinking soy milk. The researchers also took a urine sample of the participants to establish BPA levels.

The urine test indicated a 1,600 percent BPA increase in participants who drank the soy milk from a can when compared to participants who consumed the milk from a glass bottle. The researchers suggest that they used soy milk as it does not have any ingredient that increases blood pressure.

Dr. Hong suggests that ill effects of BPA are already known in the medical industry. He suggests that the latest study re-affirms the negative effects of BPA. Dr. Hong suggests that people who have heart disease and high blood pressure should be aware of the possible medical risks associated with consuming canned drinks and food items. Dr. Hong recommends that it is always safe to eat and drink fresh food items in comparison to canned food.

The latest study also calls for food manufacturers to use alternate materials as lining in food cans."

Associations of Bisphenol A Exposure With Heart Rate Variability and Blood Pressure
Hypertension 60:786-793



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