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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One Woman’s Drive to Revolutionize Medical Testing | The New Yorker

A revolutionary new way to do medical testing that looks to be changing our diagnostic algorithms and upsetting the current balance of lab testing in the country. I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions about this new technology and the partnership with Walgreens. The investment and sponsorship by governmental entities seems to be unprecedented (just look down the list of the board of directors).
"Holmes, who is thirty, is the C.E.O. of Theranos, a Silicon Valley company that is working to upend the lucrative business of blood testing. Blood analysis is integral to medicine. When your physician wants to check some aspect of your health, such as your cholesterol or glucose levels, or look for indications of kidney or liver problems, a blood test is often required. This typically involves a long needle and several blood-filled vials, which are sent to a lab for analysis. Altogether, diagnostic lab testing, including testing done by the two dominant lab companies, Quest and Laboratory Corporation of America, generates seventy-five billion dollars a year in revenue."

Her billion dollar patent:

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