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Monday, December 29, 2014

Methylation Defects

This has been one of my favorite sites for reference on methylation issues.


Understanding how to incorporate the science of Methyl Cycle Genomics in to your treatment program, and how best to monitor your individual response, will be a challenge to both of us.  If we accept this challenge, and spend time, energy, and resources in dealing with your Methyl Cycle Abnormalities, then you can take strides forward in improving your health.  If we do not – well, most of you are undergoing Methyl Cycle testing because you have a health problem that makes little sense; you have seen multiple doctors and you are not getting better – if we do not address your Methyl Cycle abnormalities then we cannot expect that you will get better – because it is the Methyl Cycle Abnormality that predisposed you to ill health.


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