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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Know Your Gut


What is the Microbiome?
Our microbes outnumber human cells 10:1. Like the rainforest, the healthy human microbiome is a balanced ecosystem.

Microbes perform essential functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins. Studies have also linked the microbiome to human mood and behavior, as well as gut health, human development, and metabolic disorders.

Sample Your Microbiomes
Our sample kit contains everything you need to swab and submit your microbiome. Whether for your mouth, ears, nose, gut, or genitals, your kit will allow you to learn more about your microbiome.  You swipe the sample swab across the corresponding site and send the kit back to us.



Watch "Jessica Richman - uBiome - TEDMED Talk" on YouTube

Jessica Richman - uBiome - TEDMED Talk: http://youtu.be/LJ41t8422Z8

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