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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Histamine and endometriosis

30-40% of patients with endometriosis are infertile (but many go on to have kids even after being warned they may never manage it!) [4]. A fascinating study, in humans this time, outlined that pelvic adhesions can arise due to pelvic infection (no doubt why I was misdiagnosed), endometriosis, peritonitis or surgery. They also found that women with dense pelvic adhesions had significantly elevated concentrations of histamine in follicular fluid, when compared to adhesion-free women. They concluded that this may lead to premature ovulation during a normal cycle, resulting in the release of immature eggs.

"It's possible that this may contribute to the lower fertility in women who have pelvic endometriosis but patent fallopian tubes, and in those patients where tubal patency has been restored following tubal surgery," they noted [5].

There's quite a few studies out there on the relationship between histamine and just generally inflammation, and endometriosis. Enough to make you wonder how diet plays a role.

In my case, six months on a very high nutrient diet cleared up my uterine fibroids (much to my doc's shock), but the pelvic glue took longer…how much longer I'm not sure of, but I got there in the end!

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