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Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Walk for GMO Labeling

A self-described, lifelong adventurer, Lancaster's decision to walk took root in his 2007 sojourn across New Zealand working on organic farms. Lancaster visited the island nation to shed a stressful Los Angeles–lifestyle filled with junk food, drugs, and long, stressful work hours.

"I was just sluggish and tired and depressed, and I wondered why I was so unhappy. It wasn't until I had gone to New Zealand and started eating fresh vegetables every day, walking a lot, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle that I realized the food I was consuming was hurting me," he said. While shearing sheep and planting flower bulbs, he connected with the local growers and Kiwi culture, and found in their earthiness the model for a newer, better lifestyle. "I realized there was a whole life to be had around the advancement of organic food and growing methods," he said.

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