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Sunday, November 9, 2014

SIBO (and IBS) Treatments

"In 2006, Dr Pimentel shared his treatment protocol for IBS with SIBO, which included the use of antibiotics, an elemental diet, or both.  I offer 2 additional options, diet and herbal antibiotics.  See my explanation and treatment algorithm on You Tube (an excerpt from my class SIBO: Overview), and further details in the treatment section on page 2 of my article: Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth: Often Ignored Cause of IBS.
  • Reduce the bacteria.  Options include:
                Herbal Antibiotics
                Elemental Formula
  • Heal the SI lining.   Occurs on it's own with bacteria reduced, assisted by diet and optional supplements.

"Which ones are used?Numerous herbs demonstrate antibiotic activity, but as with any condition that antibiotics are used for, finding the right match and dose is crucial.  Because there have only been two studies, the best herbal antibiotics for SIBO have not been as well defined as the pharmaceutical antibiotics.  

The Multi-Center Team used:
2 herbal combination formulas together, at a dose of 2 caps 2 x day x 4 weeks, for each formula.
     Biotics FC Cidal with Biotics Dysbiocide, or
     Metagenics Candibactin-AR with Metagenics Candibactin-BR
My team commonly uses:
1-3 of the following herbs x 4 weeks per course, at highest levels suggested on product labels.
    Allicin from Garlic (the highest potency formula I know of is Allimed)
    Berberine- found in Goldenseal, Oregon Grape, Barberry, Coptis, Phellodendron


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