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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Natural H.Pylori Treatments

"Not only did I have H. Pylori, but I also had a parasite that I needed to get rid of.  I wanted to make sure I got rid of both of them so I did a 6 week herb program for the H. Pylori and then another 6 weeks for the parasite.  After the herbs, I needed to replenish my good bacteria and heal my gut so I did another 6 week gut healing program.  The typical treatment for H. Pylori is antibiotics, but that can wreak havoc on your gut and I’ve been trying heal my gut in last year with a Paleo diet.  I decided to work with a holistic nutritionalist and use an herbal program to get rid of both the h. pylori and the parasite.  Since I’m not a medical professional I haven’t listed amounts below.  You should contact a holistic nutritionalist, naturopath, or medical professional before starting an herbal supplement program.

For H. Pylori:

  • GastroMend-HP (you can find it here) which is a combination of Vitamin C, DGL, Mastic Gum, “Vitamin U”, and Zinc.
  • Silvercillin (you can find it here) which is a natural antibiotic
  • Mastica (you can find it here) which is resin obtained from the mastic tree and is great for getting rid of H. Pylori

For the Parasite:

  • Ultra MFP Forte (you can find it here) which is a combination of Grapefruit Seed Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Berberine HCl, Burdock (root), Goldenseal (root), and Black Walnut Hull Powder
  • Oil of Oregano (you can find it here) which is a natural antibiotic
  • Arcetin (you can find it here) or Chinese wormwood which is known to support gut health, maintain normal balance of microbes in the intestine, and enhance bile acid secretion

For Gut Healing:

  • Bone Broth and LOTS of it.  I would drink at least 3-4 cups of bone broth at every day.  I would make my own bone broth….you can find the recipe here.
  • Prescript Assist (you can find it here) which is a plant based probiotic that helped replenish the good bacteria in my gut.
  • GI Revive (you can find it here) to help heal the lining of  my gut so that the bad bacteria and parasites don’t penetrate the lining of my stomach again.
  • GAPS style diet (you can find the book here) which also helps heal the lining of my gut."

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