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Friday, November 7, 2014


Lucky's is coming to Gainesville to complement our Trader Joe's, Fresh Market, Wards, Sunflower, and Earth Origins. I am glad we are voting with our wallets on improved food quality.

1459 NW 23rd Ave. , Gainesville, FL
Phone: 303-530-0782

"Here at Lucky’s Market, we believe food is the connection that ties us all together. Speaking directly to our beliefs, our character and our purpose, it not only fuels our body, it gives us amazing opportunities to gather and connect with each other.

We seek the freshest local, organic, sustainable and traditionally crafted foods made with purpose and pride to sell in our stores. We also passionately support local farmers and organic foods with a garden to table belief that celebrates our neighbors in the community.

We thrill in what’s important, from our farm families, to our guests, to our team. We are passionate about learning, making conscientious choices and nurturing communities.

We believe in Doing Good through our giving programs, through volunteering, and through education. We endeavor to, at all times, promote responsible social practices, support youth education, offer second chances to area neighbors, and provide sustainable environmental initiatives.

Independently owned and operated, Lucky’s emphasizes openness, not only with our products and services, ­­­­­but through our actions, procedures and protocols. We believe when we give back to the earth, the earth repays in kind.

Our unrelenting commitment: to offer the best quality for the finest value from our family of stores to your family. Responsibly. Sustainably. Remarkably


In 2003, chefs and food lovers Trish and Bo Sharon opened Lucky’s Market in Boulder, Colorado. Their vision: to create a grocery store with a genuine, personal touch that offered quality products at an affordable price.

Lucky’s Market was born, based on our pledge to be our very best for our guests, team members, and the community. What’s more, our group of seasoned professionals, many of whom have worked together for decades in the natural foods industry, are dedicated to keeping our commitment of acting as responsible members of our community.

Over a decade later, we’re still making a meaningful impact locally by displaying thought and purpose in our actions, by selling quality products, and by providing entertaining and educated service.

We would be nothing without our relationships, so we treat our guests as an extension of our own family. Of course, our suppliers are an equally integral part of our success, from the artisans, to the ranchers, local farmers, talented bakers and even our candlestick makers.

This robust combination of all of us together helps make Lucky’s…well, lucky."

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