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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Endometriosis ... the functional way

I recommend his book for anyone suffering from endometriosis. It explains a different view on treatment for endometriosis other than surgery and synthetic suppressive hormones. If there is any doubt, just check over his credentials.


”I trained at some of the best schools in the country and had the fortune to work with some of the greatest physicians in this field.  While many of my peers went into academic medicine to become, for instance, chairman of an OB/GYN department at a medical school, my focus was not on becoming well known or famous, not on becoming dean of a medical school, or to perform extensive research and publish volumes of scientific papers.  My goal was to provide compassionate, comprehensive health care to women with endometriosis.  I saw pain and suffering, women whose lives had been stolen from them and often abandoned by the medical system.  When a patient comes to see me, she just wants her life back and to get rid of the pain.

I soon learned that much of what I was taught in medical school and residency about surgically treating endometriosis was wrong.  I grew up in a family of engineers.  We were taught from a young age to look at a problem and analyze it until we really understood it and saw the best solution to the problem.  The same was the case with the surgical treatment of endometriosis.  I got it.  Both an understanding of what needed to be done and I then got the endometriosis – all of it.

Some patients experienced 100% relief.  Almost all had some improvement, while most were rid of most of their pain.  But endometriosis is not just pain and pelvic pain is often not just endometriosis.  Many of my patients had what I termed “Multi-System Disease” (MSD).  A lot of patients had chronic disease and in many ways did not feel well in addition to their pain.  Surgery done correctly almost always resulted in a great improvement.  But often there were other problems that could not be treated surgically.  And it turns out that traditional medicine with pharmaceutical drugs did not help a lot either.

This is when I began my journey to further understand the problem and find solutions.  I read books, scientific papers and went to numerous conferences.  At times I was the only gynecologist in attendance and I was occasionally met with amusement as to why I was there.  Slowly I began to put the pieces together and continue to do so to this day.  A significant part of this was exploring the world of integrative medicine and determining what was real and what was BS.

Eventually I attended a conference given by Dr. Jeffrey Bland. He is a genius, I really mean a genius.  He had the fortune to read and learn almost full time.  He spoke about functional medicine and its effectiveness in treating chronic disease.  It was very similar to what I had been piecing together and the concept of MSD.  I have incorporated many aspects of functional medicine into my treatment of endometriosis patients.  It is not the complete answer.  It cannot get rid of endometriosis.  Only surgery performed correctly removes endometriosis.  Surgery does not, however, restore health or treat some of the underlying conditions that provide endometriosis a fertile ground in which to grow."




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